Rise Your Fan

/ Refinary 29 & The Case For Her

The ultimate cliché when it comes to menopause is the picture of a woman fanning herself, having a hot flash. The only symptom menopause is usually reduced to and the one they are most often ridiculed for.We believe that in order to break a taboo, you have to own it. To reclaim all the prejudice that society adheres to it.

We proudly present ¨Raise Your Fan¨: A collection of hand fans to show the wide array of symptoms and experiences menopause can entail, from different artists’ perspectives. A disruptive launch, infiltrating both politics and mainstream media, to condemn menopause’s absence from it and reach people of all ages and genders. A movement for the menopausal to reclaim the hand fan as a symbol of empowerment and turn fanning into an act of vindication.